Welcome to our #Brand Entrepreneur Accelerator.

Pre-Accelerator Programme

Accelerator Programme

The #Brand Entrepreneur Pre-Accelerator is aimed at entrepreneurs taking their early stage business to the next level. You may have a few sales, but not enough to give up the day job. Your turnover is usually £1000 or less each month and you have not yet gained enough traction to secure funding or investment for your business.

Now you’re looking to check you have solid foundations before moving forward. The programme is a series of 8 week learning journeys, supported by engaging networking events and interactive digital modules to power you to the next stage.

The #Brand Entrepreneur Accelerator is a six-month programme for entrepreneurs with high growth businesses who are looking to scale up.

You’ve already got traction, and are selling to customers or have gained funding or investment. Now you’re growing your team, may be aiming to expand your reach into new markets, perhaps internationally, seeking further significant investment or scaling your turnover and profitability.